Racist dating video ashton kutcher


Yesterday, Pop Chips had posted a sorry-for-offending, we just wanted to “provide a few laughs” apology.

More interesting was the company’s response given to Anil Dash, a New York entrepreneur.

The images and video for Popchips feature the 34-year-old “Two and a Half Men” star in brown makeup portraying a Bollywood producer named Raj who is “looking for love.” They were removed from You Tube and Facebook after being criticized online.

Other videos featuring Kutcher as a stoner, tattooed Southerner and pasty fashionista remain online.

As many others have noted, Dash wrote the most nuanced take on this whole mini-fiasco yesterday.

“I just got off the phone with Popchips founder Keith Belling, who was sincere and contrite as he offered a thoughtful, apologetic response,” he wrote on his blog, also saying that he was “cautiously optimistic” to see Pop Chips response.

While the other characters were mostly just unfunny one-dimensional cut-outs, having Ashton dress up give a canned Indian impression in brown-face came off tacky and pretty offensive. Kutcher, who at one point in time might’ve rattled off a series of tweets explaining his involvement, has apparently been quiet about the campaign.

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Popchips has pulled a You Tube video featuring Ashton Kutcher in "brownface" after critics called his Indian character racist.

"Your waiting room is like a freak show," he tells the camera. " A link to the website redirects to a Facebook app that allows users to play "matchmaker" for their friends.

An online ad featuring Ashton Kutcher as an Indian man has been pulled offline after viewers called it racist.

Popchips is a brand of processed potato and corn products marketed as similar to potato chips.

They are manufactured by processing potato starch at high pressure and temperature, in a process similar to that used for puffed rice cakes.

"Hey, startups that are helping @aplusk get richer, can you tell him that racist brownface ads aren't cool? On Wednesday, the low-cal snack company issued a statement responding to the criticism.

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