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Now, the Queen has chosen her second son to become her plus one.

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All of these Andrew and Fergie stories had filled the tabloid headlines, and tarnished the reputation of the royal family.

Could this possibly mean that the standoff in the royal family on whether “blood princesses” Eugenie and Beatrice will finally regain their royal privileges again be reopened?

How did Kate Middleton get in the middle of this royal tug of war?

Perhaps most of all, based on her previous actions, this is something that the Queen is quite open to changing, in order to favor Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Do you think Eugenie and Beatrice should get full royal privileges?

Do you think that the royal family is still meaningful in this modern day?

Charles is quite concerned that if there are too many on the payroll after his mother is gone, there may be a movement to remove the royal family, and discontinue the public funding.

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