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The treatment helps ensure HIV cannot damage the immune system and should mean the likelihood of transmitting the disease is extremely low.

Shortly after his diagnosis Rowe, who had also been infected during a casual hook-up, moved to Brighton, East Sussex.

So far 323 have been recovered but the most recent lobsters reeled in were found to have been carrying 'viable eggs'. They were also ordered to pay £9,000 compensation to the MMO.

A hairdresser deliberately infected four men he met through Grindr with HIV before sending them 'mocking and abusive' texts, a court heard.

He deceived those men into believing he was HIV negative, reassuring those he was intimate with.' She said he declined to use condoms and if his victims insisted he wear one he would then 'sabotage' the contraception.

The court heard that days after having sex with a number of men he goaded them by telling them he had HIV.

But further investigations found that 361 American lobsters and 350 Dungeness crabs, which are native to the Pacific, had been bought by Miss Li from a supplier in Greenwich.

Miss Li initially told investigators she had not realised the crustaceans were foreign species. The MMO has warned the local fishing industry could lose out as a result of the crustaceans killing native species.

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Anyone releasing native species into the sea also requires a licence.But the attempted act of kindness may have backfired, as the creatures – which are not native to British waters – could seriously threaten other marine life.It has forced the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) to spend thousands trying to recapture the American shellfish – even offering local fishermen £20 for every one they reeled in.In one text message he said: 'Maybe you have the fever because I came inside you and I have HIV. ' He would incessantly message and call them and leave abusive and insulting messages for them.In one message he told a victim: 'I ripped the condom. You didn't even know.' The court heard he then repeated the abuse when he called the victim and laughed out loud down the phone.Another had sex with Rowe but insisted he wear a condom only later to discover the condom in the bathroom sink with the end of ripped off.

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