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Infected people act like zombies and are hostile towards the non-infected.Some of the infected humans are unaffected even after catching the virus. You have to play through 5 campaign missions to reach your goal of escaping this hell hole.I didn't play this map for a long time, I even forgot how to pass the second map.This week i grab all new updated maps re1,2a,2b and played them (not 2a yet) to see what was changed. It can knock off the special infected and I don't want to drop it once I get it in hand.That creature was the scariest thing in the RE series next to the Nemesis.

Yes, Valve is taking their sweet old time with any news regarding the development of Left 4 Dead 3, but the popular survivors from that series will be heading to Rebellion’s Zombie Army Trilogy in a free upcoming update.

I've made several changes to adapt the maps to the L4D gameplay (events, items, paths) 2. Doors are unbreakables, and infected can open them by hiting. ACHIEVEMENT LIST: -ZBA: Score with the basketball (Side A only) -Secret Key: kill zombie Brad and retrieve the key (Side A only) -Guitar Hero: escape with Chris Redfield's guitar (Side A only) -1 Shot 3 Tanks: kill three tanks using the fuel barrel -Saved by STARS: Bill sacrifices himself to save the survivors Play with your friends: -Play on Campaign mode (or realist, mutation, survival) -Select "play with friends" -Create a new lobby (at the bottom of the screen) -Settings: campaign LOCAL SERVER -Click on "create lobby" and done FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO: I remind you, it's a campaign based on Resident Evil 2, if you never played it get the game and enjoy.

The campaign supports coop and contains one survival map. Enable the instructor hints in Options, I added multiple hints to help you pass trough puzzles and events 4. Then you can pass trough this campaign with no problems and could enjoy more.

Depending upon how well (or how badly) you play the game alters the AI. Several new additions have been made to the types of enemies, attacks you can perform and weapons.

The game starts with you along with 4 survivors when are trapped in the infected zone trying to escape to the safe zones.

You have many weapons that you can carry one at a time.

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