Myers brigs dating


Not one for casual flings, you take finding a romantic partner extremely seriously.

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When you do find a partner who is capable of rising to the challenge, you are a wildly enthusiastic and wonderful partner to be with, determined to constantly grow and improve every realm of your relationship.

But what we often don’t realize is that beneath our lighthearted flirtations and seemingly open facade, we harbor a great amount of depth and a firm belief in the concept of love.

We are loyal partners who devote our hearts to our partners wholly.

When it comes to your romantic life, your propensity toward frank honesty and subsequent disregard for the more sentimental flirtations that come along with the dating game are your biggest weaknesses.

You are by no means forward when it comes to the dating game.

Like in all other realms of life, you are a GO GETTER when it comes to dating.

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