Miranda updating of group on server list failed


Apart of the traditional partitioning, Azure offers another option for horizontal partitioning: Elastic Database. The quick answer is ‘yes’ (at this moment it is in preview): But, as with most things related to SQL Server, it depends.

In this special case, it depends on your service tier.

These are the steps that are needed to recover a dropped database: If you are used to the traditional partitioning on SQL Server (on-premise), you may be wondering how to work with this on SQL Database, as we have no control over files and filegroups.

The answer is simple: map all the partitions to the “PRIMARY” filegroup.

Admins can also specify courses as a blended format for reporting purposes.

Production release notes indicate Canvas updates that will be included with Saturday’s release and are subject to change.

New Canvas User Interface (UI): July 9On July 9, 2016, the New Canvas Interface will no longer be a Feature Option in Canvas and will be enabled for all Canvas users as a standard feature.

Enabling the New UI affects the user interface for the entire Canvas account.

However, you have some nagging basic questions that would seem slightly ridiculous to ask in public.In this production release (March 12), Canvas includes changes to several feature areas designed to improve user accessibility.Instructors can differentiate assignments by groups and improve their course workflows with changes to the To Do list, Thin Common Cartridge imports, and Quiz previews.This way, the partition scheme will look like the following: Under the hood, the storage engine is balancing the load in order to provide the best performance.This way, even in Azure, you can use partitioning to achieve scalability, performance and availability.For all those questions that you're too shy to ask, Murilo gives a reassuring answer.

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