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This year's one-off entries are no less notable.Welcome baby girls Avalon, Easter, Azaria, Jihad, Ria ("happiness" in Malay) and the hopefully-musical Melody. When the time comes, surely none of them will have to worry about being confused with other little playmates in kindie.Other boys' names that are increasingly popular among Baby Center parents are Aaron, Jayden and Isaac (just pipping in at 24).

Malaysian-Indian parents favoured V's and D's, with the prefix Dev seen in many names.

We currently have a wide variety of profiles listed with us ranging from the sexy, beautiful, sweet or innocent to the macho, hunky, respectable and down to earth.

Whether you are looking for people of the Chinese, Malay, Indian or Foreign race, or people from Hong Kong, Singapore or Malaysia, we are bound to have someone who is right for you.

Once again, our list of top baby names affirms the deep importance of religion and culture in Malaysian life. They are complemented by many Old Testament names that are the favourites of parents from the Christian community and other ethnic groups.

At the same time, names that have long been found in our various communities maintained a strong presence, just as they did last year.

Other big gainers include last year's number 20, Sarah (now 11) and Sophia, which moves up 10 spots from last year's 15 to five.

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