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Looking back at some of the old tapes, some of the contestants look as if they are dragging a barge across the stage.It also looked as if it were hard to stay out of the other contestants way in the opening number. I never liked the costumes at USA it was always silly.Some of them remind me of that old I Love Lucy episode, when she wanted to play a showgirl in a movie scene and the heavy headdress kept making her mess up. I do not mind it at Miss Universe but it has lost its meaning.(NT) -- Vegas, 11/07/17 Tue Every Miss Venezuela has been forced to wear gonzo watermelon jugs and 45 pounds of hair and make-up.It was made very clear at MUSA that she was chosen because she was "the smartest." Having said that, she does look great here and I expect her to do well at MU. -- Old timer, 11/08/17 Wed Subject: This is for all former USA/Universe contestants.

(NT) -- Tiki-Java, 11/04/17 Sat For every national director that pulls out of Miss Earth, there will always be two or three fighting each other to get a franchise.The reason is that I just do not find it unique in a way Miss Intl and to an extent Miss Supranational is.And Filipinas winning and coming close to winning all the time, lol.They rather not eat than making themselves or being beautiful.(NT) -- Honesty is The Best Policy, 11/04/17 Sat Is this one of those you had to be there because when looking at photos this winner is not attractive at all.Happy for the winner, but Im sure shell get flack for the sash shes wearing.

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