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Pangea was the supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras, when the Earth’s land mass had yet to split into separate continents.So “free from the trappings of human life” was it that humans had yet to make an appearance.Tables are divided by bamboo screens, creating some semblance of privacy; food is served on handmade clay crockery; soup is blended with a machine generated by bicycle power.Someone should tell these millennials that the rest of us have been there, done that back in the wattle-and-daub days of Seventies cookery.There is a not-so-faint odour of BO, but presumably this is considered Pangean.After 90 minutes of chomping and sweating, we emerge into the blinding late afternoon light feeling faint and startled.

The restaurant de-sexualizes bodies, which are beautiful whatever shape they are, as you are in a space where it doesn’t matter how you look.” (This, one notes, will not be the case in Japan’s first naked restaurant, which is reportedly imposing a ban on the overweight, the tattooed and the elderly.

The Bunyadi is a three-month summer pop-up that can hold 42 diners, although there are plans for it to take permanent shape, possibly in France (no surprises there).

Dinner can be had for 60 pounds a head, served by “minimally clothed” waiting staff.

Eyeing the Chicken Cottage across the street, my boyfriend sighs: “Can we just go and eat?

A woman who has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario wants to "normalize" the act of swimming topless, says her lawyer.

Although I do rather wish I had undertaken some sort of exercise regime in the last few weeks.

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