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The Mexican government tried to get the execution of Edgar Tamayo Arias suspended. But the state’s most prominent politicians say they don't believe that climate change is real.

After HIWI’s success brought him and his partner national attention, Thompson says the duo were solicited by other cities seeking the rights to their trademarked verbiage, but they weren’t interested.“And the campaigns are stupid, and the slogans are stupid.’” This was the era, let’s remember, of “Houston’s Hot” and “Houston: Expect the Unexpected.” Thompson still rolls his eyes a decade later at the goofiness of such efforts, while sitting across a picnic table from us at the West Alabama Ice House, which happens to be completely encased in plastic on a frigid January afternoon neither hot nor unexpected.At the time, Thompson remembers, he and Twaddle ran a marketing firm called ttweak (Thompson still does, Twaddle has moved on), and as such knew a thing or two about branding.In the Greater Houston area, some of those displaced by catastrophic flooding are finding refuge inside local mosques.An oil tanker sitting 60 miles off the coast of Texas holds 0 million worth of crude oil.“I believe that we’ve made great progress on embracing what’s great about this city,” says Thompson, taking a sip of his Guinness.

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