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Panama was his last stop before the vice president headed back to the United States.

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US Army aides assigned to Mike Pence's detail were removed from their positions after they allegedly brought women back to their hotel rooms while in Panama.

Four soldiers were reassigned from the vice president's detail earlier this month after they were reportedly seen on tape bringing women back to their rooms, it was revealed on Thursday.

He’s made one short film, a catalogue of clichés starring Ludovica as La Sposina, “the pretty little bride.” Everybody knows it’s no good, that Lorenzo’s 34 and unlikely ever to make a movie, but somebody’s told him Wes Anderson might hire him as his assistant director (ha-ha — not a joke an American would commit to — it’s too pathetic and too real), and he hasn’t given up hope: He’s one of those. When the novel begins, she’s already ready to go back to Rome.

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I lived in Williamsburg for a couple of years, and I’ve never heard any Americans or any foreign transplants refer to the neighborhood as “Willy.” The Burg, yes. She’s come to Brooklyn with her husband, Lorenzo, an aspiring filmmaker on a philosophy fellowship at Columbia.

Lifestyle details are catalogued as if they were points of pride: I don’t know of an American novelist who’d bother saying that their characters go to Film Forum too much.

There are scenes at an party and at a party at Gary Shteyngart’s house — that’s usually not done. She’s one of the set of rich Italians who’ve come to New York to follow their dreams, or as Daria, the narrator of most of the novel, would put it, seek “personal fulfillment.” Daria wouldn’t call them rich or middle class, either; her preferred term is “bourgeoisie.” She works as a travel agent in Rome, writes reviews for a communist newspaper at night, and vacations in New York to take molly and take lovers.

That can’t be said of the novels of Tao Lin: His So maybe it makes sense that the novel to take on the Williamsburg of high-rises and clapboard houses, just-finished condominiums, and Bedford Avenue boutiques — the hipster dreamland — should be written by a foreigner.

Francesco Pacifico’s does a lot of things you don’t see American novels do much of these days.

Though there have been fads for narrators with neurological disorders or doubled selves and minor outbreaks of magic realism in recent years, realism, refinement, old brownstones, and hardwood floors are the hallmarks of these books.

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