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A whole array of accessories could be utilized with SX-70 cameras, such as a close-up lens (1:1 @ 5 inches), electrical remote shutter release, tripod mount and an Ever-Ready carrying case that hung from the neck and unfolded in concert with the camera.

A lot of the technology used in the folding SX-70 cameras was later used in the production of rigid "box" type SX-70 cameras, such as the Model 1000 One Step, Pronto, Presto and The Button.

On stage, he took out a folded SX-70 from his suit coat pocket and in ten seconds took five pictures, both actions impossible with previous Land Cameras.

The film pack contained a flat, 6-volt "Pola Pulse" battery to power the camera electronics, drive motor and flash.

The original flash system, a disposable "Flash Bar" of 10 bulbs (five on each side, with the user rotating the bar half way through) from General Electric, used logic circuits to detect and fire the next unused flash.

The first model had a plain focusing screen (the user was expected to be able to see the difference between in- and out-of focus) because Dr.

Land wanted to encourage photographers to think they were looking at the subject, rather than through a viewfinder.

The Land Camera Model 95 was the first camera to use instant film to quickly produce photographs without developing them in a laboratory.

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