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The application and service layer, also referred to as contains the protocols that enable wireless devices to process data in an end-to-end manner.Protocols like Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), Voice over IP (Vo IP), and i-mode reside in this layer.The basic theory behind wireless technology is that signals can be carried by electromagnetic waves that are then transmitted to a signal receiver.But to make two wireless devices understand each other, we need protocols for communication.

Windows XP's native support for 802.11x simplifies the implementation process for hardware and software vendors.ISBN: 0-07-222602-1 Reprinted with permission Introduction Windows XP's Support for Wireless Technologies Current Security Problems in Wireless Current Countermeasures to Wireless Insecurity Designing a Secure Wireless Network Tools of the Trade Checklist: Wireless Security Wireless technology releases us from copper wires.A user can have a notebook computer, PDA, Pocket PC, Tablet PC, or just a cell phone and stay online anywhere a wireless signal is available.Before your enterprise adopts the latest wireless network technologies, you will need to Wireless Infrared Data Association (Ir DA) devices have been supported across many Windows operating systems, including Windows 9x/NT/2000.Windows 2000 natively supports some 802.11 wireless network devices, such as the original Lucent Wavelan card.These devices use wireless technologies to communicate with each other.

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