Korean guys dating culture

I have hesitated to write this post, as it’s quite personal and I don’t want to offend anyone as I do try to be sensitive to the cultural norms of the country that I am living in.

However, I have had some interesting experiences while dating in Korea, and felt that I needed to share some of them.

He rode horses in Gangnam, he dressed well, and he had a good job.

We arranged to meet for coffee later in the week, and he impressed me even more.

I left our coffee date feeling quite excited to go out with him that Friday.

I met him at a soju bar in Gangnam, where he proceeded to get hammered.

When I’ve explained it to other people, they have told me it was a cultural misunderstanding.

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I think that some of Korean mens’ opinions and views on Western women can be a different from our cultural expectations and what we are used to, and that can lend itself to unfortunate situations.Recently, I had been dating a Korean guy who I quite liked.I showed his picture to one of my friends at a bar, and she proceeded to tell me that they had hooked up and he had immediately disappeared. I have Western girlfriends who are happily dating Korean guys (and marrying them), and on the opposite end of the spectrum, girlfriends who have had similarly bad experiences.Here is where I should have just called it a night, but I felt bad (that’s that thing with so many women including myself- we hate seeming rude), so I went for one more drink.The second we got into the next bar, his personality shifted from whiny to aggressive.I had one guy keep asking me when he could call me ‘mine.’ This kind of talk freaks me out, as I practically keep in shape by running away from commitment, so I had to end that. When I tried this with a Korean guy I was dating he looked vaguely offended and grabbed the check back from me stating that he was ‘taking care of me.’ This all goes back to them being the ‘oppa’ and caring for their lady.

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