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When ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam) militants or MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) activists used violence against poor migrant workers, they clearly violated the law of the land and also the Constitution which is above all, even above the Parliament. I may be Kannadiga or Tamil but I am an Indian first. The states which fought for complete independence are now part of Indian Union and they have renounced violence to some extent ; they include Mizoram, Nagaland, Kashmir, Bodoland, Tamli Nadu.

India is too big for these states to fight against and win.

It appears that the local clergy who supported the struggle of the fishing community against Vizhinjam Transit Harbour has finally decided to allow Adani to walk over a globally significant bio-diversity region of an ocean in Kerala. The Communist government[Read More…] As citizens of India, the largest democracy on this earth, we relish to claim that we are part of a civilization based on the principles like Satyameva Jayate (truth alone triumphs) and ahimsa (non-violence).

On 15th of December 1953, when Potti Sriramulu succumbed to death not able to sustain 52 days of marathon fast that was undertaken to demand a separate state for Telugu speaking people, little did he realize that his death would become a launch pad for the dawn of Political Regionalism in India – that would in course of time alter the landscape of India.

But the brand of regionalism that evolved after Potti Sriramulu’s death was legitimate, genuine and logical.

As long as they thrive for regional development without discriminating against outsiders, regionalism is good for India. A Bihari becomes Mumbaikar when a bomb explodes in Mumbai and a Mumbaikar becomes Bihari when Kosi wrecks havoc in the plains of Bihar.

We are united by an idea called India and that unity is imperative if we want to realize the dream of becoming a superpower.

According to Dr Kancha Ilaiah these posters which appeared on 4th November night is a warning to attack or kill him.

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