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The immature, eccentric rich man with a phobia (anxiety attacks) was hilarious. I also liked her strange friendship with the other female lead. Overall I give the series a 5 out of 5 for everything.

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No I'm looking forward for "I have a lover" Watching the trailer, with his boyish haircut, he looks far younger than before.

If you do not open DVD you can return but you charge restocking fee and shipping cost to send DVD to us.

Please make sure that your DVD player and product region code then purchase it. The lead female does an excellent job at being tough and vulnerable while trying to be the honest person that she is. Kim Jae Joong who plays the other lead male Mu-Won, is a former member of TVXQ, SBSK and is now a member of JYJ (t"he world's most popular, but unknown boyband").

Yes, it's ditzy, but the acting is wonderful, the characters are for the most part ultimately lovable, and if you're a fan of '40s movies like "Bringing Up Baby" or Tracy/Hepburn films, this might be for you.

One bonus of owning this is the Special Features at the end, which, aside from including bloopers (nothing great), includes a segment of a show with a lot about Ji Sung's family, start in acting, and more.

And if you don't know what that means, it is Korean romantic comedy and that says everything about this cute drama.

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