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This led to an offer for a reality TV show following him and his “posse” tracking down people who jump bail.

The Enquirer says they have two tapes of the Dog hurling insults at his son, Tucker, during an undated telephone conversation.

“Whether, how dark I think I am, I cannot say that word.

I owe the rest of the people, whether they are black or not in America, an apology because people look up to me.” “If I could kill myself and people would forgive me, I would do that,” he said.

“I thought that I was cool enough in the black world to be able to use that word as a brother to a brother,” he said. I didn’t know really know until three or four days ago what that meant to black people.” “I now learned I’m not black at all,” Chapman said.

“And I never did it out of hate.” “All black people in America I owe an apology to,” Chapman said in the interview.

Here is why:"I think Duane's apology was pathetic because it was not directed toward us.

He didn't personally call Tucker or me to apologize. So, I personally don't accept it," Shinnery told WITV-TV in Honolulu.

But Shinnery told the Enquirer that Chapman’s attorney, not the TV star, called with an apology.“He will not talk to me,” said Chapman, who has 12 children and has been married five times. I have been away from her since the ‘80s so now she is like getting even,” he told the Larry King Live show on CNN on Wednesday night.A teary Chapman, who has apologized repeatedly since the tape was made public and promised to make amends, said he had used the epithet “nigger” on a heated call with his son while admitting he was probably interfering in his life.Chapman, who had issued a written apology, followed it up in his first interview since the scandal broke by remarking: “Never again.This dog learns.” In the interview with Sean Hannity for Fox News’ “Hannity & Colmes” show Tuesday, Chapman denied being a racist and said he used the N-word conversationally when talking to black acquaintances.Chapman, 54, has apologized to blacks and to all Americans for repeatedly using the racial slur during a March phone call to his son, Tucker, urging him to break up with a black girlfriend.

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