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Your perseverance and determination have now been realized. JOHN JAY COLLEGE 1996-97 WOMEN'S \OLLEY BALL ROSTER #H.

The next phase of your life will be just as challenging as your academic career. Gold Athletic Trainer — Helaine Cigal Nickname — Bloodhounds Quinones.

MONDAY NOVEMBER 25 6.30PM TUESDAY NOVEMBER 36 PM ■oe.uo«ri-oi«nwenwm • cmomommhv i»* «ec*u . We hope you will continue to rely on the College to help you realize your personal and career aspirations. Lynch President / / Message to Graduates, 1997 From: Basil Wilson, Provost and Academic Vice President One of the great strengths of American civilization is the variegated nature of he higher education system.

As the Acting Registrar, I have met many of you either at registration or in the office. NY 10019 (212)237-8600 Office of the President June 1, 1997 Dear Graduate: I and the entire John Jay College community salute you and join your family and friends in the pride we share as you graduate. This important accomplishment represents a milestone in your life which required tremendous perseverance , dedication and commitment . , President Lynch JOHN JAY COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE The City University of New York John Jay Square 899 Tenth Avenue New York. Lost Lotte and Missi Los Tufeis" T tfonte it's ftunny . You will concur that you have been educated by a sterling faculty. Lo ^Aluesixo Kat Ry "La Tuna" # 1 M«be Ji Muwio, l Uis fe 4/U! /^- Jws Jmimess Hv/eefe AI&5 AWAREUES5 KEEK X SPONSORED BY THE COAAITTEE FOR INDIVIDUALS VI IK PISAJILITir S " -17 STUDEWr COUMCl L A Message, to ifose we. r guess He don't." JUAOJl S soy tfcs pictu Ae instead . John Jay College of Criminal Justice is one of the specialized colleges devoted to the professionalization of the multifaceted :riminal justice system and to those who work in the public sector. w&s conducted | Senioi L f^ep Jie Sentati Ue osteon Toiuies and Studen Council Se CAetciiiy, (Jecwboofe Sditoi L &i(ea Lossi Ih agenda discussed was j\. Faculty Dining Room Join Tom Feelings as he talks about his new book The Middle Passage: White Ships Black Cargo Spuumtlhy: Ihi thvisitm of Studt M liivrlopmtm A lh* Siuiitm Covtrtmunl John Jay College of Criminal Juillci Lo Myoii De. Haying a central role in the education of a new generation of New Yorkers is The City University of New York where there are more than two hundred housand students enrolled.

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