Is blake shelton dating miranda lambert


, a public display of affection that seemingly caught both artists by surprise — especially Shelton, who was married at the time.Still, the attraction between the Texas spitfire and the quick-witted Oklahoman was palpable, and when Shelton filed for divorce from his first wife in 2006, he and Lambert began their courtship in earnest."There's definitely key people that have pointed me into the right direction.

"Surely, such constant scrutiny was difficult to bear, but the couple's defiance and commitment to soldiering on — "Divorce is not an option," Lambert told reporters backstage at the ACMs in 2013 — bolstered fans rooting for their continued happiness.

Shelton broke out as a bona fide TV star on With such crossover fame, however, came the microscope of the tabloids.

Seemingly every other week, another headline would appear alleging infidelity or, at least, love on the rocks.

Shelton is serving as the opening act on Brad Paisley's H20 II: Wetter & Wilder Tour, while Lambert is crossing the country for the next few months on her own tour.

The VH1 ' Behind the Music: Miranda Lambert' special airs tonight (July 13) at PM ET.

Here was a couple with far more in common than any dating-site algorithm could match up.

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