Invalidating a session in jsp blackberry bes calendar not updating

In general, you don't need reenterant beans, and I beleive you can always design so that you don't end up needing them.It would interesting if someone could share an example where he had to !And no, you are not using the same session object after a timeout.

What happens when session.invalidate() is called: Both attributes and session object are destroyed immediately??? In fact it is the servlet container that creates the session object.When specified time ( 1 minute) is passed, I check the session availabilty as below: if(Session(false) == null) // redirect to login page This code doesn't seem to work and user is allowed to continue with his session after timeout period.However, If I set some attribute (say user)in session object during session creation and check for null value of the attribute after one minute, I get null and do the following: if((String)Session(false)Attribute("user")== null) // redirect to login page This code works fine.ladder racks for trucks cheap Cheers, AT Session Invalidate() method removes the attributes bind into the session object as well as the session objects also dies where as the Session(false) will return the existing session only, if its not shows null means the session is already existing will be meant.In a web application, server may be responding to several clients at a time so session tracking is a way by which a server can identify the client.As we know HTTP protocol is stateless which means client needs to open a separate connection every time it interacts with server and server treats each request as a new request.

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