Hulk hogan wife dating younger


While this was Sarandon’s second long term relationship, it was the first time she was romantically involved with someone more than 10 years her junior – and it wasn’t her last.Film Stars Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were at a dinner party with friends when the two became simply infatuated with each other, despite their 16 year age difference.The two began dating when Linda was 48 and toy-boy boyfriend Charlie Hill was just 19-years-old.They were together for four years and appeared on VH1 reality show where Charlie proposed.The two immediately fell for each other despite the seven year age gap.Although the two never married, they are forever linked via their daughter Nahla who was born in 2008.

Jenny from the block is known for her moves and hot latin style, but now she’s also known as a cougar.

The two split up in 2013, with Ashton going after the prettiest girl in the world, Mila Kunis.

Having been married to the likes of Sean Penn and Dane Witherspoon, 47 year old Robin Wright was on the prowl for love once again when she came upon Ben Foster when the two were starring in Rampart in 2011.

I didn’t realize it, but after the fact this all came out, shortly after our divorce, and it was shocking. I mean, no wonder, I wasn’t happy.” She went on to say now she is very happy and single.

It’s creepy when older people date people half their ages.

The couple – who remained unmarried throughout their whole relationship – had two children together, sons Jack Henry and Miles Guthrie.

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