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For those who have Internet access, there are many free, web-based e-mail services you can access from any computer by a modem.

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But you never really know someone until you meet them face-to-face. This HIV-positive "living room" allows you to browse through a bulletin board of messages from other club members.What about people who aren't interested in services from an ASO?There just isn't the same level of acceptance as there is in the gay community, and there isn't a lot of publicized information out there.HIV Straight was "designed to help HIV-positive heterosexuals, HIV-positive women and those affected by HIV." In this site, you can browse through personal ads, use chat rooms and message boards, or even find pen pals!Also, national upcoming events for HIV-positive heterosexuals are listed, accompanied by photos from previous events.If you don't already have e-mail, they have thoughtfully provided links to three free, web-based e-mail providers so you can obtain an address right then and there.

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