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Cross designs were seen to have been impressed into the plaster flanking the doors of the structure.The reporter of the site did not indicate a clear date for it, but suggested that it must have been in existence for two centuries before the advent of Islam. At Thaj, 90 km to the west, what appears to be a smaller church or chapel, built of reused stones and perhaps dating to the fifth or sixth century, has been discovered.Christianity in Eastern Arabia was blunted by the arrival of Islam by 628.From the fifth century onward the Persian Gulf fell under the jurisdiction of the Assyrian Church of the East.Christian sites have been discovered dating from that time until after the advent of Islam in the region at Failaka, Kharg, Jubail and the nearby settlements of Thaj, al-Hinnah and Jabal Berri, and Sir Bani Yas.

Eastern Arabia was divided into two main ecclesiastical regions: Beth Qatraye (northeastern Arabia) and Beth Mazunaye (southeastern Arabia).

In 1993 a joint Kuwaiti-French expedition found a church in Akkaz (in present Kuwait) dating to the early Abbasid era.

The church was in the eastern church style and is symmetrical to that of Failaka.

Furthermore, the Chronicle of Seert mentions a monk named 'Abdisho who Christianized the locals of Ramath, an island located between Kuwait and Qatar, and built a monastery there sometime between 363 and 371.

Communities often competed over the construction of churches and parishes.

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