Girls guide to dating geeks


When you and your geek are at a bar and you see a friend, don't leave him to rot but instead introduce him to your friend or acquaintance.

This act will help him get over his own obstacle of mingling with other people How to date men tip#4 - Listen to him.

Doing this will ease up his tension because he is with a girl and doing this will also help you get to know the guy.

So supposing one does manage to ask a girl out on a date, the burden of socializing with the opposite sex is quite heavy." The categories range from Pop Culture Geeks to Academic Geeks with many options in between.I really loved the thought and preparation that went into the book, and the author did a perfect job of providing helpful information to its geek audience.The author manages to cover it all in the book from tips for meeting girls IRL all the way to tracking them on social media.Each section also lists a difficulty level or stats relating to how hard it is to complete or carry out.Dating in today's society is hard enough, and gamers are always looking for a few cheat codes to make the process easier.

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