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"I just screwed three teenagers." Kristin quickly undressed to get in the shower.She felt the boys cum leaking out of both her ass and her pussy.Jeremy laughed, while Kristin kept sucking his cock.

This story contains exhibitionism, cheating, gang-bangs and interracial sex. ***** Kristin looked at the clock as she opened the door to her house. Stepping quietly into the family room, Kristin was relieved to see Amy asleep on the couch.

"Can't have this when Brent gets home." While she wanted to take a long shower, time was of the essence.

Kristin put on some granny panties she kept for when she was on her monthly, slid into a pair of sweatpants and put on an oversized T-Shirt.

She didn't want to risk him getting frisky with her tonight, as she feared he'd find evidence of her earlier escapades.

She decided that being asleep when he came in was the best move, so she turned some lights out and went to bed.

After just a few minutes, she heard her phone buzz. There was a text that said, "Here's your treat." A second later the teenager sent Kristin a pic of his large, erect penis. She wasn't shocked that he'd sent a cock pic, but she couldn't help but think how that ten-inch monster had been in her mouth, her pussy, and her ass. Jeremy was hung like a horse, and Kristin tingled thinking about how he'd made her cum earlier. You're a very naughty boy to send a married woman pictures like that." "Look who's talkin'" "Are you too busy to stop over and visit with me?

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