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"We continue to monitor this topic closely," a Discover spokeswoman said.American Express also refuses to process pot transactions.Lottery tickets Since it's technically a form of gambling, lotteries can also be tricky for card issuers.Discover says it prohibits purchases of lottery tickets anywhere in the United States, as does American Express.Porn sites will essentially become massive databases of millions of Brits credit...Prepaid cards are increasingly being used on the growing number of websites showing inappropriate images of children, since credit cards are no longer accepted.No, the credit card ID checks are designed to ensure that nobody under the age of 18 can visit porn websites.

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Putting forward a 10-minute rule motion, which is designed to highlight an issue that is unlikely to be involved in new legislation, he expressed his concerns about individuals using prepaid cards to view images of child pornography online.Visa doesn't block porn purchases either, but says individual banks can decide to deny these transactions if they deem them to be too risky.Gambling "[Gambling] is similar to marijuana in that it's one of those categories where the legislation, laws and restrictions around it are so confusing that some banks are just staying out of it entirely," said Schulz.While marijuana is now legal (in some form) in more than 20 states, it is still considered an illegal substance under federal law.That leaves credit card companies in a tricky place.Mug shot removal Websites claiming to remove online mug shots have come under fire by consumer advocates, lawyers and state legislators in recent years because they require people to pay hundreds, or even, thousands of dollars to remove their photos from the sites.

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