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King’s new catalog allows choosing between ACES format (North America) or TECHDOC format (Europe).

You may also choose to view sizes in inches or in Metric.

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I just bought a refurbished version, and according to its description it should be in VERY GOOD condition. Really the only difference is that this phone comes with matte edges instead of chrome, and the legal labels on the back ... Yes the phone is huge and the laws of physics will dictate that you cannot do one handed texting and such as you would on an i Phone 5 but so the hell what?I wasnt sure about buying the iphone because for one, its the expensive, and two, andriod phones have come a long way in features and apps.Its sometimes extremely hard to compare these phones, when it comes to battery life, pixel density, screen size and build quality.Enter the King part number to the quick search module , other manufacturer number or OE number.This will pull up any part containing the series of numbers you entered. Create your King account by clicking on “my account” and filling in the registration form.Don´t worry about your time when you have visited Sex Free Video, because you will like all the sexual adventures found in here!

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