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If you need a quick answer, please use our Live Chat service, available from a.m. Monday to Friday by clicking the "Chat Now" button to the left.Here are answers to the questions we're asked most often. You can ask us anything using the form in the middle of this page. There are many accessories available to assist with the donning of compression stockings.Make shopping faster and easier Your browser doesn't let you enjoy all the benefits of our website.The desire for encrypted communications is no longer limited to spies, informants, and journalists.On Whats App, editing tools appear automatically after capturing a new photo or video, or importing one saved on the phone.Then you can add text in different colors and fonts (check out instructions for i Phone and Android).Whatever you're using Whats App for, though, you likely don't know everything it can do. If there's a special someone on Whats App that you chat with more than anyone, you can pin a chat to the top of your messages list. There you can change who can see when you were last active, your profile photo, and status. Tap and hold the message and the Star icon will appear. The message is now viewable by going to Settings You can password protect Whats App but only if you have Android and go through a third party (i OS users cannot lock an app with another app).

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It's free to text and call as long as you have a Wi-Fi or data connection.You'll be able to choose between your contacts, your contacts with the exception of some chosen people, and just contacts that you hand select. Or you can select the photo icon, where you will see your library of photos that you can select from.Also, at the bottom of that screen you will be able to tap GIF to search Giphy.To enable it, go to Settings Love them or hate them, you can take care of a series of photos you've received in one fell swoop.If you've been sent multiple photos, tap them and hold and you'll be presented with a choice to forward them all or delete them all.Then just tap the send icon and whoever you chose to see your status will receive it. When you get four or more photos or videos in a row from one person, they will now be grouped together in a tile-display album within the message.

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