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I have to say you are not alone millions of guys get a kick out of this fetish and they really enjoy dressing up as it gives them a relief, you are not strange or gay or whatever people may say, you are just enjoying a kink and why not?

I have met many men online who just love to dress up for a bit of fun some of them will use the words humiliation as that makes them feel better about it as they feel they are being forced to do so, but the truth of the matter is they want to and are embarrassed to admit that.

This is a question asked a lot online because of some men when they first realize they want to dress up they presume something is wrong with them or that they are weird or whatever.

It can really shock you at first and you honestly do not know what to do about it, but the urge is there, you want to dress up in you’re girlfriend/wives clothes the minute she has gone out.

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Now although crossdressers or SISSY GIRLS will take the clothes back off and go about their own daily basis she male will not they continue to live the life as a woman.

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If all you want to do is sit and chat with them then that is a-ok with them.

They are just as happy sitting chatting as they are engaging in actual webcam naughtiness.

Rubbing that rubber cock between their boobies, faster and faster, putting their hands on the side of each tit and wanking it till ti is just a blur, the cannot go fast enough!

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