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It is obligatory that the educational policies of Muslims societies be structured on this premise as well.If it would be difficult to separate between the sexes due to lack of space or ability, as an exemption, it would be acceptable to seat the females behind the males while ending to the Islamic principles of mixing between the sexes.However, if she came late and could not find a free seat except next to a male, it is permissible for her to sit next to him as long as there is some distance and no contact between them.The norm in the relationship between women and non-related men is that of lowering the gaze.If the education system demands that the schooling takes place in a setting where men and women are mixed and not separated, there is an exemption for women to participate and be present in the public places, such as auditoriums, classroom, library halls and the like, adhering to the Shareeah principles relating to the mixing of men and women.The norm is for men to teach men and women to teach women.Tijdens Dutch Design Week lanceert technologie bedrijf Aectual een terrazzo vloer met 3D geprinte patronen die duurzaam wordt geproduceerd.Door slimme technologie is het mogelijk om elk design op maat te 3D-printen op grote oppervlakten, waarbij geen enkele vierkante meter hetzelfde hoeft te zijn. Di Caprio staat al jaren bekend als een voorvechter van het schoner milieu.

It is obligatory to separate between the sexes in Islamic schools starting from the age of ten, if the school has enough halls and teaches to accommodate that, in order to preserve virtues and to block off the means to temptations.

It is not permissible for there to be privacy and communications in a private chat room, except in a very limited basis, such as between a female students and her professor who is known for righteousness and piety.

However, if the chat is open to others at the time of a lecture and they are simply waiting for others to join them, then that would not be considered a private conversation. They have rights similar to those over them according to what is just and customary.

That is normally permissible if there is reasonable distance between them and the internet more than satisfies that.

However, that is conditioned upon the participants adhering to Islamic manners and the proper interaction between the sexes.

However, it should be noted that women looking at men is, in general, more acceptable than vice-versa according to the majority of the scholars, except for the Shafiees. An exemption is made for her traveling to learn or to teach with the permission of her guardian and in the accompaniment of a trustworthy group or trustworthy women.

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