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In your book, you describe a process by which a parent performs a spanking on their child.

is to get the child into a good spanking position (when my parents and other adults - such as your wife, Char - spanked me, the ritual involved removing the child's clothing); you recommend bending the child over a bed, or bending a smaller child over the parent's lap. You recommend that parents comfort the child until sufficient time has passed, and then ask the child to stop crying.

The dread bubbled up and consumed me, and stayed with me until the spanking ritual was over.

My parents usually sent me to a private room, such as my own room, and there I would wait until one of my parents came.

Because the Roy Lessin spanking is a ritual, the ordeal could take a long time.

(When I refer to a spanking ritual, I'm referring to the steps you outline in your book.) This was hard for me because I had a child's sense of time.

I had already developed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and would feel my guts cramp up with anxiety during his speech.

(My dad spanked me the most, so in my illustration let's assume my father is conducting the Roy Lessin spanking.) My father would explain the reason for the spanking.

This was an excruciating process because I had to listen while knowing what was coming.

She had to spank me repeatedly to teach me to not cry when she put me down.

I know about this incident because my mother used to tell all new mothers about how young I was when she started spanking me.

But my description does not come close to what it feels like to receive a Roy Lessin spanking.

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