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What is more certain about the figures, however, is that they are very likely to change as societal attitudes change.An 80-year-old of today is a very different person, sexually and in other ways, than the 80-year-old of 50 years from now.The majority of the attendees were married or had a sexual partner.Our expert panel went over topics ranging from anatomy and function to disease and drugs everything was on display. At the end of the series, we handed out a questionnaire about attitudes and performance.In so doing, I dont neglect or obscure the large amount of negative imagery associated with sex and aging, but I do hope to place it in context and to provide action steps you can take to prevent the sad and usually inaccurate predictions.The widespread myth exists that sex belongs exclusively to the younger generations.The male respondents placed a higher value upon intercourse as their preferred form of sexual activity, whereas the females rated "loving and caring" most highly.

The average age of our audience of nearly 200 was 68, and they were acutely attentive throughout.

Ninety-two percent of our lecture group reported that ideally they would wish to have sex once per week.

This figure was similar for men and women, and for those less and more than 70 years of age.

Correspondingly, the percentages were 90, 73, and 58 for the same decades in men.

Further, 50 percent of the men over 80 in this group recorded sexual activity at least once per week.

Completing the questionnaire was voluntary and anonymous, but most everyone sent it back. First, the group was very interested in sex and was busily pursuing this interest.

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