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But she came home to Big Bon’s, her first job, for hunting season.“What they want is a beautiful girl that they pay to give them attention, to sit and listen to their problems, to give them advice, to be there and just be kind of a therapist.

They get all the good girlfriend stuff without all the whining and griping.”They're visited by a lot of lonely regulars.

The scene is nothing special, but it rolls before the opening credits. In the next scene, interspaced with scenes of Alexandra jogging (a good thing).

We see a lovely brunette (Valentina De Angelis) tied arms over head and struggling in her bonds in a sleeveless top.

The tale of Big Bon's, an Up North strip club that does big business during Michigan's hunting season, was originally published on Nov. ROCK — You can tell it’s deer-hunting season in the Upper Peninsula. And hunting season is huge for us.”Big Bon’s is pure Upper Peninsula. They don’t have a liquor license anymore, so the only thing the bartender serves is cans of pop.

She added real VIP rooms instead of the single old closet that used to bear that name. And when rifle season and its visiting hunters are gone, Big Bon’s is here for them.“Lots of guys who come here are lonely, lots of them,” Storti said. Even if they might go to another bar they might socially not be able to talk right or they just get awkward or they haven’t dated in 100 years. She wanted everything to feel like it was a family. Editor's note: Here at the Free Press, we occasionally get the urge to hunt around in our archives for distinctive stories we've written about Michigan and its people. The VIP rooms each have a well-worn easy chair inside. I was probably one of the last ones to get to learn from her before she passed,' said dancer Raven, 26, of Munising, about the late Bonnie Storti, who opened Big Bon's, the only strip club in the Upper Peninsula.“My aunt thought of this as her legacy that she was leaving. This is the last strip club, and she’s leaving this to the U. It was the only one around for miles, and customers gladly made the long trip from Escanaba 28 miles to the south, and Marquette 42 miles to the north, even Houghton 130 miles to the northwest.“People would drive here from everywhere and the whole parking lot would be full, and it would be wall-to-wall people inside,” Storti said. If anyone (messed) with us, she’d hurt them badly, drag them out of the bar by their hair.”When Big Bonnie died at age 62 a few years ago, her funeral was packed with sad dancers.

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