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But the gravest of all is when facial recognition is used to identify an unknown person—when a database connects a stranger’s face to a name.It’s this kind of facial recognition that people worry about most and over which government-hosted talks were severed—but more on that later.

There’s an online, computer-augmented form: Can software identify you from a picture uploaded to Facebook?

The Facebook AI team’s vaunted algorithm, for instance, specializes in photos online.

It knows whether two images depict the same person 97.25 percent of the time.

(It’s this type of software that powers “smart billboards,” like the German video screen that only shows a beer ad when women walk by.)Other types of facial recognition have more serious implications.

Some software uses facial recognition for verification purposes, activating a laptop or phone only when the camera sees an approved visage.

An Israeli company called Face Six says that 30 churches around the world use its facial-recognition software, Churchix, to track parishioners, but refused to specify to a But you don’t need to be Facebook to have access to powerful facial-recognition technology.

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