Free 2 way cam chat

Notice how he’s evenly lit and where he’s placed in the frame?

You can also see there’s not much action going on in the background.

Recording Skype, Google Hangouts, or any digital video communication can be a useful way to interview subject matter experts and customers.

The footage you record can be used in a variety of ways: marketing videos, internal presentations, market research, etc.

I’m recording” sign, and send out a gentle email reminder to your coworkers.

Although with technology like Skype and Google Hangouts, we don’t have to.

Instead of traveling on site, we can capture interviews in video calls then bring those recordings into the videos we create.

You don’t have to worry about your own audio quality unless you’re planning on using it in a final video.

Alternatively, you could use an app like Zencastr to record your guest’s audio straight off their own computer.

Using quotes from experts in customer-facing videos has worked well for us here.

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