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The creepy lair is located between Reeves St and Carrington St, Narara on NSW Central Coast, and is hidden out of sight from a nearby walking path many students use to get to school.The man, dressed in a suit designed to be easily concealed, dragged a 12-year-old girl into bushland, bound her with cable ties and raped.Police believe he may have been carrying out a 'hunter fantasy'.Police are still looking for the man who carried out the attack on the NSW Central Coast and also suspect him of grabbing a teenager by the throat later on in the same area.The man was aged in his mid-20s and 175-180 centimetres tall with a chubby build, greying blonde hair, and blue eyes.After multiple interviews with both victims, police were able to describe the distinctive camouflage outfit he was wearing during the attacks.The endless rejection, it’s breaking me down,’ he said finally.

Now forensic psychiatrist Julian Parmegiani claims the predator could have been carrying out a 'hunter fantasy'.

'It fits into that rich fantasy life,' Mr Parmegiani told A Current Affair.'He could have hidden his identity in much easier ways, and having done this really shows that he's gone down a path which is quite odd and quite different.'The young girl said she was grabbed from behind and dragged into nearby bushland while walking to school on May 15 in Narara.

There she was bound with cable ties and sexually assaulted until she escaped and ran to school where she raised the alarm and was taken to hospital.

Less than three weeks later on June 4, the same man grabbed an 18-year-old woman by the throat as she walked through a laneway near Narara Railway Station about 4.30pm.

Her attacker tried to drag her away but she kicked him and ran away while calling for help, but the man just walked away.

This is the secret lair used by a sexual predator who sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl and an 18-year-old woman.

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