Familitchi dating


For a Tamagotchi to receive a present, Tamagotchi 1 and Tamagotchi 2 both need to select the heart at the same time.

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Go to the friend you just connected with and press (the middle button) twice.To keep your Tamagotchi after the battery dies, remove the back cover, take the battery out, and you will have about 30 seconds to put a new one in. Give your Tamagotchi the doll (if it's a girl) or the action figure (if it's a boy) to play with each day.When your Tamagotchi goes to sleep, it will sleep with it.To make your Tamagotchi sleep longer, turn off the lights when it goes to bed.To get an overweight Tamagotchi to lose weight, play one of the games.A meal will make it weigh one more pound and also make it one less hungry. As soon as they kiss on one Tamagotchi, buy it again for 3000p. It will become happy and will receive another point.

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