Everquest launcher updating


It does *not* have support for the following features: I use Station Launcher, will I have to change to this? You can continue to use Station Launcher, but it will launch the new Launch Pad instead of the game directly.This allows you to continue to use the Station Friends feature for now.I don't even game, but this has been DIAG 101 for OS issues since Jr.

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I'm kinda not surprised given how ancient their game engines are, but still figured they'd be on track to make sure their games work with upcoming changes.

Deleted all of the various files and validated game assets (from PS2 launcher).

No lots of the usual browser listing an error code.

Update Mon Feb 6th @ am PST: Login problems continue for some Daybreak customers.

Now, some players are reporting that their accounts, protected with Two-Factor Authentication that requires a code from a mobile phone or other device to login, are unable to login at all.

In fact, it is a branch of the same code used in Google Chrome.

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