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Littrell said the retired flags will be given the proper disposal all military flags are given.“We separate them from their union and burn them and bury their ashes,” Littrell said.

Liberty High School's principal laid out minimum academic and athletic programming options for the school on Thursday, saying offerings could expand based on enrollment next year.

Bates said the group will donate 75 flags to the school over the course of five years. Wally Littrell, who is now the aerospace science and junior ROTC instructor at Liberty, said there are about 75 classrooms at Liberty that need a flag hanging in them.

He said the gesture by DAR helps reinforce something he’s trying to teach the students at Liberty.“I’m proud to be a part of a program here at Liberty, and also at North Side and South Side, that is teaching patriotism to our students,” Littrell said.

Principal Scott Kibby said during a news conference at North Central Junior High that Liberty, under construction in North Liberty, will be "a full-blown, 9-12, comprehensive high school," that will offer Advanced Placement and honors courses in a variety of curricular areas.

However, some programming decisions — such as which Advanced Placement, or AP, classes and noncompetitive clubs to offer — will be driven by the number of students and their interest areas, Kibby said.

Flags were donated to the school to replace current flags outside of classrooms.Counts of these students will be available following registration in January, Kibby said.Hiring recently began with a team of five teachers from West to help with preparations while continuing to teach at West this year, Kibby said, adding he will hire more teachers after registration and base staffing on programming requests.Liberty also will offer two, year-long Project Lead the Way classes in engineering and will have special education and English language learner programming based on students' needs.Staff members will work with West High and the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa to allow students to take unavailable courses off-campus, Kibby said, noting there is no firm rule yet regarding transportation to these classes."We’re hoping to do as much of it at Liberty as we can," he said.Based on school boundaries, Kibby said he knows Liberty will have roughly 250 freshman and 250 sophomores required to attend in 2017-18.

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