Elf girl dating game cheats dating in kazakh


To do it, access your device's settings, go to Date and Time, then change it to whichever time period corresponds to the character, challenge or board you wish.

You can see these below: October 3, 2012 December 1, 2012 January 5, 2013 January 30, 2013 Februrary 28, 2013 March 1, 2013 This cheat is quite hard to implement, but, as well as picking up the Coin doubler multiplier, you can earn twice as many Coins if you have the Super Sneakers and Jetpack active at the same time.

Take a few Elf Girls on dates as you get to know them and then when your ready choose which one you really like and date her in this fun RPG.

This is a fantastic sim dating game where you get to explore the map and build your character through it.

Then, go to any level, and collect studs to easily obtain enough studs in that level to get the "Master Burglar" title.Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.Note: Characters unlocked with codes cannot be saved. Then, follow the river east until you see a box full of bread on the right. Next, go straight through the fence to reach a small cave that contains random loot that can be mined.Thus, you must re-enter codes to activate the characters again each time you quit and restart the game. The random loot can be gold, silver, copper, iron, sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond, or stone. This trick allows you to obtain enough loot to forge all the weapons and tools in the game.After collecting the loot in the small cave, turn left to see a box of fish next to the bridge. After collecting the loot, pause the game, select "View Map", and choose to fast travel to Hobbiton again. Easy "Lord Of The Prance" achievement To get the "Lord Of The Prance" achievement, you must equip the Dazzle Wig, Mithril Rhythm Stick, and Mithril Dance Boots items. Mithril Rhythm Stick: In the town of Rivendell, jump down below a bridge near the lake to find a boat on a hidden dock. A die hard gamer would get pissed if they saw someone using cheats and walkthroughs in games, but you have to agree, sometimes little hint or the "God Mode" becomes necessary to beat a particularly hard part of the game.

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