Edmonton speed dating service

I only feel to suggest two ideas that could make the events even better.1) Having the name of the girls or boys pre-printed on the card 2) Having some outdoor event (like gardens or terraces), as indoor can be very noisy.I've been to a handful of Dateina Dash events now and have always had a good time.It's very relaxed and great to speak to such a variety of people. I got a drink at the bar downstairs and waited until the 8pm start time.I didn't get any matches but I had a fun evening.

He then flipped at me and accused me of lying saying that the reason he left is because there were not enough women (he left 15 minutes before the event started) he then accused me of overselling tickets, making things up and all sorts of nonsense and shortly after posted this review which is complete rubbish! This is a very rare situation (infact, it's never happened before and doubt it will again!We do run regular events at the Kensington Roof Gardens and Madison which are both outdoor venues with gardens and terraces. Dateina Dash is a fun way to meet people and a refreshing alternative to the usual dating apps.There were quite a few good-looking girls at both the events I attended and everyone I met was friendly and talkative, which makes for a fun night regardless of the outcome!Hey Davis, We really appreciate the review about your recent Dateina Dash experience.We have taken your suggestions on board for future improvements.Good luck 😉 I've been to a couple of Rob's events now and they are the best on offer if you want to do something completely different in london.

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