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Jo Linda would get high with friends at her home, even in the presence of her children.In an interview with ESPN, Wade said "I've seen the needles laying around the house. I've seen a lot of things my mother didn't even know I'd seen as a kid." At the age of 6, he recalls police – with guns drawn – raiding his home as they searched for his mother.Jo Linda served 23 months in prison for her crimes, but while serving her second sentence in 1997, she failed to report to prison while on work release.Wade turned to sports, especially basketball and football, to avoid the temptations of participating in drug and gang-related activities. Wade quickly found success as a wide receiver on the football team, but he needed to work extremely hard to earn playing time on the varsity basketball team during his junior year.In his third season, Wade led the Heat to their first NBA championship in franchise history and was named the 2006 NBA Finals MVP.At the 2008 Summer Olympics, Wade led the United States men's basketball team, commonly known as the "Redeem Team", in scoring, and helped them capture gold medal honors in Beijing, China.“I work with a trainer for the most part,” she told the publication.

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However, Jo Linda admitted to him that she was actually going back to prison.

Wade's mom and dad would often take him to the park to play basketball. Wade has stated that his high school coach, Jack Fitzgerald, was one of the most positive influences in his life during this time.

He cites one of his older sisters, Tragil, as the individual most responsible for his childhood upbringing and for steering him in the proper direction. Wade was recruited by only three college basketball teams (Marquette University, Illinois State, and De Paul University) due to academic problems.

“You know, my grandma lived to be 110, and she drank alcohol, like, every day.

born January 17, 1982) is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

When Wade turned 8 years old, his older sister, Tragil, tricked him – by telling him they were going to the movies – into living with his father, a former Army sergeant, and stepmother in a nearby neighborhood. A year later, his father moved the family to Robbins, Illinois.

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