Droid latitude not updating


The overlay can then be hidden en shown as necessary. You can give it a name (optionally), which you can use elsewhere to refer to it (or you could just keep a reference to the overlay instance). It takes two arguments: a location (a Point Lat Lng instance) and a marker type. For instance, you may need to indicate where new construction will take place, or who owns which land. The following code shows how to create another overlay, and add a four-point polygon to it. However, if no connection is available, you can still use cached information (if available) to show your maps.

Here is a bit of code that adds an overlay called “markers” to the map, with a single marker in it: GMap Overlay markers Overlay = new GMap Overlay("markers"); GMarker Google marker = new GMarker Google(new Point Lat Lng(-25.966688, 32.580528), GMarker Google Type.green); markers Overlay. The marker types are a variety of marker images normally available in the Google Maps API (big balloons in many colors, small balloons in many colors, etc.). GMap Overlay poly Overlay = new GMap Overlay("polygons"); IList points = new List(); points.

The T470s is practically identical in size and weight to the T460s, with most upgrades on the inside or with new ports and features.It measures 0.74 inches at its thickest point and tapers down to 0.67 inches, while 13.03 inches wide and 8.93 inches deep.It weighs 3.1 pounds, not putting it among the true featherweights on the market, but still light by any standard, especially for a business laptop.That may not be applicable to many office dwellers, but it's useful to anyone taking their laptops into the field.The top-notch Think Pad keyboard is one of the main elements that stays the same in each iteration, and such is the case with the T470s.The 14-inch touch display won't turn any heads, but it's perfectly serviceable with its Full HD (1,920 by 1,080) resolution, and touch capability is a big plus for some users (while others may never use it at all—the X1 Carbon has no touch screen option).

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