Dr james dobson steps in dating

Let’s acknowledge that no mere mortal can ever claim to be completely above reproach; nevertheless, the failures of one person—regardless of how serious or how chronic—can ever justify the sin of another. The responsibility for wrongdoing belongs exclusively to the person choosing destructive behavior.While we must be willing to address our own shortcomings, this must never become a precondition to the sinning partner’s repentance.There will be time enough for addressing past wrongs after he or she has escaped the mind-warping influence of sin.Denial, minimizing, and blame-shifting do not deserve a response.Unfortunately, the remedy may be horrifically unpleasant for everyone involved. In the words of Christian author and psychologist, Dr.James Dobson, “love must be tough.” The Lord is relentlessly loving yet utterly uncompromising when it comes to behavior that undermines our relationship.

And if you refuse, then I will move in there.” Or, in the case of alcoholism, “Michael, your drinking is out of control.For example, in the case of pornography: “David, I love you, but I have no desire to give my body to a man who willfully defiles his mind.In fact, I’m not comfortable sleeping in the same bed with you.This is not about getting even; it’s a matter of integrity.Furthermore, the goal of tough love is to allow the wayward spouse to suffer the consequences of sin instead of bearing them on their behalf.Moreover, each step must be thought out well in advance and then expressed with calm resolve at a single confrontation.

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