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Next, she bagged Zee TV's Banu Main Teri Dulhan (on the basis of her role in the telefilm), which turned her into a small screen star overnight.

Even though she did not win the contest, Divyanka believes it gave her the confidence to overcome stage and camera fright.To do full justice to the role, she became friends with Roohi before the shoot - she played video games with her and worked on their bonding.Ishita treats Roohi like her daughter and ensures that she has no problems on the sets and that no one smokes near her. This tuning between them is the reason why they seem so emotionally connected on screen.Barring dress and makeup, her demeanour during the chat was the same as the popular character she is playing - gentle, polite, happy and practical.She comes across as a bit of an introvert in the first go, but once she gets talking, she opens up and how!So far Divyanka was tight lipped about this break-up but now she has spoken openly about this break up. Divyanka added, "My leg got fractured and i had professional commitments and I had to do some other works.

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