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It was very interesting looking at the Tai Koon (and other hotels) lists again. This morning saw the first Hong Kong Club Walk of the season.

Last year I took a sabbatical because firstly I was so busy that I was getting concerned that I was burning myself out and being a bit of a burden to the family, and secondly the admirable Philip Cracknell had stepped in to conduct his own walks for the Club – and it’s very healthy to have that new perspective.

But, as I explain below, I think this is a misunderstanding compounded by a degree of creative license.

That being as it may, it was good to see appropriate attention finally being paid to the incident, and wonderful to be reminded that survivor David Beningfield is still with us as well as, of course, old friend Dennis Morley.

With tens of thousands of tons of wet silt below decks, it would split like sodden paper were anyone to try to raise it today.24 Jo Price notes that she has: “finally finished my first novel about my Grandparents and their experiences in the lead up, and during the Battle of Hong Kong.

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I only hope that I have done this part of their story justice. I am thrilled that some of the reviews and feedback so far have been so positive and have made people think about and research what happened during the fall of Hong Kong. It is currently available in paperback - (ignore where it says out of stock - that is a temp error)” Alan Knight notes: “I have just received the catalogue from Wellington Auctions, which lists a medal group awarded to Corporal A.And, in case anyone is interested in such details, the food was excellent!William Ingram’s (Royal Artillery, Stanley Internee) granddaughter got in touch via the Stanley Group.He mother and (twin) aunt evacuated from Hong Kong in 1940 when her grandfather was still in the Royal Artillery.He must either have retired prior to December 1941 and was thus interned as a civilian, or used his Irish nationality as a neutral.Goodman, Middlesex Regiment, who died when ‘Lisbon Maru’ was sunk.

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