Diablo 3 setup stuck at updating setup files


Another way to analyze the setup is to check out the installation logs. Visual Studio setup needs to install a lot of components, so it may take a while to finish but sometimes the setup can get stuck.

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If you solved this issue in any other way, drop a comment and let us know.

Steps are as follows: Here are some additional tips, that might help you diagnose the problem with the installation.

If you are unsure if setup is just stuck or the component takes a while to install, check the processes in Task Manager. Some of the processes that will come and go during installation: So if you think the installation is stuck, monitoring processes in Task Manager might help you determine if that is indeed the case.

We know the unsupported cards aren't going to perform well and there's nothing we'll be able to do to remedy it.

Using the program Swiftshader can successfully load the game even on extremely low powered machines.

What finally worked was uninstalling the Visual studio, restarting the computer and install it again.

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