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Mera naam annanya hai aur maa Kolkata ki sabsa sundar aur sexy ladki hoo jo apaa ko apki jindigi ka sabsa bhertar time doungi.

Muja Appko apna app se khelta hua aur sharat karta deek bhot acha lagta hai.

The number of customers never seemed to exceed 15 (unlike Minto which was always crowded).

While the girl was being fondled one at a time on each customers' lap another girl will start a strip tease.

I spent with her about 2.40 Hours, as she was not in a hurry.

We had shower together and I again wanted to have a shot before my friend comes back.

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There were several other SWs walking about but I didn't care for any of them.Dipti prepared Tea for us before we left with a promise to meet again.I will ask them if any of them is ready to accompany me to Bangalore some time by end this week, as I feel it's hard to get WGs in that the most ranking Hot phone sex number in our platform...dont be shy and enjoy with our special telephone service. Mere har khayish apk liye hokum hogo and uska liya aap muja bhot pyar karanga.

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