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Jan Kozak joined the team in 2010 as a financial head, becoming a partner in the business three years ago.According to Kozak, 1000 Faces greatly values its mission of transparency and sustainability in order to encourage a more authentic connection between growers and consumers.

Traceability is key in these relationships to ensure that the impact is real.

Our typical customers might not wake up and think they want a cup of coffee at the most sustainable coffee shop, but they want to get coffee at their favorite place with the best coffee.

They expect us to have those standards,” Hendershot said.

You can challenge us, in other words, to prove that we are doing what we say we’re doing,” Kozak said.

Along with the changing leaves, local business owners are changing their menus’ items to usher in the coming autumn months.

According to Weiner, Fair Trade-Certified —a popular certification given to producers that operate in an ethical manner—does not enforce strict enough guidelines to achieve its purpose of promoting sustainability, resulting in an influx of product that does not meet true sustainability standards.“The world needs either Fair Trade that meets rigorous auditing standards, which it currently does not, or else a complete shift to meaningful direct trade.

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