David deangelo dating tips how to flirt and why dating completely

You can fake confidence, but women always see through it at some point. You are in competition with yourself and have to keep things to your own standards – not the standards of others. Make the decisions which are right for your own life, don’t worry about how others are affected by them or will percieve them. And if you can buy a woman, you do not want to be with that woman. This shows such an incredibly narrow view of women… But still be a fun dude she wants to hang out with. As far as I remember these are the 77 laws as presented by David Deangelo.

If you want lasting success with women, you need to build confidence first. Build a Powerful, capable self-image that you love. It is your life and you are responsible for it – so do whatever is right to achieve and live the life that you want to live. I’m not so much of a travel fan, though I ended up travelling quite a bit. No woman is special or has some specific high status. She will be privileged to have you in her life and I can provide more to her than she can ever to me. I’m sorry, but this is just degrading towards women. Don’t let a relationship take over your life or stop you doing things that you want to achieve. Plus, it turns you into something you are not, if you don’t care about chick magazines, then don’t read them.

Compare your progress and success only to yourself, not to others. Focus on achieving your own end goals and results that you want. Get motivated by their progress that they are doing something to achieve it. Just like golf, compare your progress to yourself and don’t worry about others. I don’t encourage anyone to ‘not give a fuck about others’, but the rest is true enough. Go in expecting that you will be the high status person in the room. Consider short term, medium term and long term gratification of everything that you are about to do. Changing jobs is not worthy of being in the tight grip of stomach rotting fear… True, just don’t get addicted to listening to your role models and forget to actually DO THE WORK. Yes, learn from role models, but at some point you have to start doing. And no amount of preparation can shield you from making mistakes. As long as you stick to your goals and your standards, I don’t see much harm in this. This is a little bit in contradiction with an earlier law to not analyze rejection. If it’s really important to you, you could even politely inform why. But to go and say: ah, she or he is just not worthy of me, is just a recipe for arrogance and insecurity. And don’t pretend to be doing something – do it with full focus and real effort. Make a list of the girl you would be attacted to and then analyze where you can find such a girl. Create mystery and anticipation around things and make them sound awesome. I suppose I’m in the mood to watch Friends, but this law reminds me of the episode in which Phoebe dates a guy who’s wildly enthusiastic about EVERYTHING.

You have to worry about achieving what you want to achieve – don’t worry about beating other people. Compete with yourself and don’t worry about beating others – improve yourself. You are not walking in someone else’s shoes, comparing yourself to see who is better, is just silly. Keep thinking – what is the next level and how do I reach there. Don’t care about others because you are the shiznit and the coolest and most awesome, fun motherfucker in the room. You should never apologize to get another person’s approval. Don’t ask permission or look for external validation. If you’re living in the west anno 2016 you run very few life threatening risks… Get inspired and surround yourself with success and vision of what you want to be in future. Visualize what you want and then look conciously for it.

Not arrogance, which is just an appalling shield very insecure men (or women) throw up. This is largely true, though I assume you are not living in a bubble and that you know your decisions affect others as well and I’m assuming you don’t want to hurt others habitually. I’ve learned more from interacting with people I found fascinating, than by travelling. Teach others every great thing that you learn, immediately. You are never perfect, keep doing things that will have major impact on your overall success – and keep pushing it to a higher level. Stop projecting your strenghts and weaknesses on others. ) Make a list of people you hate and those you admire. If you want to fail with women, then sure idealize her and worship her like some Goddess (women are NOT looking for a man who does that), but to assume that your status is higher? This is your life, no one is going to do stuff for you. I happen to be interested in ‘personality and stuff’ a lot, I’ve had a period that I was somewhat interested in astrology, and I found out that most women have very little real interest in astrology (good for them! Yes, women are more interested in emotions and all sorts of relationships than men typically are.

You could say it’s the aggressive side of the insecurity coin. I would say, follow this law in matters that are really close to your heart. Stop making identity meaning out of external events. So, if by travelling you mean seek out interesting people, yes, I agree. Make your model and reality as real as possible and make it the center of your life. Accept and Embrace the transition anexiety as an opportunity to see things from a beginners perspective automatically. Just keep at it – learn and embrace the transitionb. If you teach it, you learn it a lot faster and can internalize it much better. Then make a checklist of what you admire or hate in them. Come on, this is just another patch for insecurity. Become selfish about your priorities and put top level on what you want to achieve. Other than that you don’t need to go and read ‘chick magazines’. Ideally have some of them like the women you’d want to have as your girl. Learn to turn women on mentally, emotionally and physically. Would be nice if this law also explained how to accomplish this. If you check out her boobs and she asks, just say – I am looking at your tits.

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You may wish to live in system that doesn’t require money to pay for basic human needs, but until that gets fixed, you will have to confront reality and find ways to make some money. It may be true that others have impacted you in very negative ways, deal with that, perhaps with the help of a professional, but then let the past be the past and take responsibility for your actions. The way you look is not the most imporant part of seduction.

That means that you are ok with who you are and you don’t need to show off, nor do you have to hide or to be very invested in what others think of you or pretend someone your not.4. When I bitch or complain about things, I don’t feel responsible for them – that might be a secondary pay-off for being a wussy. What’s good about it: yes, complaining won’t get you anywhere. If she doesn’t like you, it is her loss – not yours (or she is a lesbian). It’s true you shouldn’t over-analyze rejection or anything you may perceive as rejection, but to walk around thinking that you can provide a lot more to someone than they can to you, is arrogant. Plus there is no failure – it is just a lesson you have learnt in how not to do it. You will see that the lesson you have learnt would be far more valuable than the cost you have paid. Don’t have any distractions – have a tunnel vision on what you want to achieve. find your center, become centered and make yourself the center. Objectify your demons so that you control them instead of them controlling you. Don’t worry about them and learn to conciously make sure that they never control you. Make yourself a priority in your life and do what is right for yourself and achieving the goals that you want to achieve. You can give more, if you take care of yourself first. Surround yourself with success models and eliminate failure models from your life and mind. If others freak out, you instead have to become calmer and a cold-calculating machine. No, you don’t need to become a psychopath, or a cyborg or a robot. Remember if a girl doesn’t want you, it is her loss and not yourself. Hey, there are 77 of them, we can’t expect every single one to be a life-changing gem. If you’re truly hurting don’t try to just put a happy face on it. Often what we hate in others is something we are guilty of as well. If you find you dislike someone this can teach you a lot about yourself. Eliminate all negative/distructive habits and start adapting positive/constructive habits in your life. Just take a break, think logically and do what is right. The way you talk to yourself influences who you become. Find people with high potential and then help them achieve the best they can. You could get a very wrong idea by reading magazines like that and take them at face value. Don’t be arrogant but rather a douchebag who is a lot of fun. You could say something like: if that’s making you uncomfortable I’ll look somewhere else (look into her eyes of course). If she does something that you don’t like or approve of, bust her balls. Never let a woman walk over you, just because you are attracted to her. Woman will be expecting you to fit a next appointment.

Venting helps once in a while, but on the whole you always have to: 1. I can provide a lot more to her than she can provide to me. Sometimes there’s just no click, no need to further and conclude that you are better than the other person. There’s no such thing as failure as long as you learn from it, dixit Tony Robbins. Yes, be very aware of how your mind operates, and be honest to yourself. Get good quality feedback on this mental process from people you really trust. Remember those signs in airplanes urging you to put on the emergency mask on yourself first, and only then on your child. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, goes the cliché. Keep track of the lessons that you learn, write them down and do more of whatever works. Just be in touch with your emotions and your needs and have a strategy to deal with sitations that could cause you to panic. You can bring a lot more into her life than she can bring into yours. If she doesn’t want me, something is wrong with her or she is just a lesbian. Learn to sacrifice short-term gratification for long term success. You can’t have fun 100 percent of the time, but if you want to, and you are willing to break certain patterns, you can make most situations a little bit more fun than they usually are. Value yourself and your time more than any other women. Don’t tolerate any disrespect of yourself or your time. By the way, if you do develop 360 degree vision, call a doctor. Some bad experience and emotions you simply need to deal with before you can feel happy again. Become concious of your own habits and self, do what it takes to fix things the way you want them to be. Negative self-talk will have a very negative impact on yourself. The best way to find out what a woman is interested in, is by talking to her and interacting with her. Go to the extremes and live the life that you want to live – be adventurous and fun. This way you have communicated you respect her boundaries, and you are attuned to how she feels.

I haven’t read the list in years, and since I’m looking for a better set of rules to live my life, I thought I should examine them again. Does anyone even use the term ‘pick up artist’ anymore? It’s good that this is number one on the list, because it’s vital. Just pay attention to small details and let them be impressed with it.

Anyway, these laws are about much more than success with Women and Dating, they are about designing a life for yourself. This law doesn’t mean you just have to accept things as they are and never try to change things. Ok, true, women read a lot into the type of shoes you’re wearing.

Perhaps the person you approached just had a massive heachache today, perhaps she didn’t like your voice, so be it. You could take this one a step further and treat everything as though it was a gift. Don’t worry about solving the future problems before they arise. Yes, you need success models around you, but I don’t think you need to ban your slacker cousin out of your life if you happen to like the dude. If it doesn’t work, just eliminate it from your life and mind. This is a lousy law, and shows insecurity and arrogance on the part of Deangelo. Do it strategically to achieve specific goals and milestones and not just for the sake of it. Learn to always enjoy youself no matter what is happening around you. Always do a valuation analysis and do what is of highest value / priority. Women are as diverse in their interests and hobbies and favorite discussion topics as men are. Setup your life so that you are constantly meeting women autmatically. As long as you’re not doing this because you are trying to prove something… Learn how to tell an interesting story about anything.

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